lizzie will kill us all episode 1 

Oh I’ve seen and tried all of them so far haha(: preparing for beauty school I guess.

I want her to do a Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story inspired hairdo!!!!!

omg I know!! I watched every single one of her videos!! :D
I LOVE her! And for like modern twists on her looks cherrydollface is amazing, too!

Have you guys seen her series “A little bit of history repeating”? I’m in AWE of her talent! Her 1920s video is amazing! now i’m watching the Marilyn Monroe one and I’m trying all these hairstyles like a crazy freak! That’s what summer vacations are for, huh?

oldhollywoodlove replied to your post: Casablanca is SO overrated, seriously, Gone With The Wind kicks its ass

I’ve chosen my family well.

you’re welcome, granddaughter

I have pretty much a Broadway Musical figured out about Old Hollywood

I’ve written so many songs

here are a few

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