Happy 72nd Anniversary, Lucy and Desi! (November 30th 1940)

The first time I saw Lucy was in a Hollywood studio lunch room. I had arrived from New York for the movie version of Too Many Girls. Lovely, dazzling Lucille Ball was to be one of the stars. I was eager to meet her. Then she walked in. She had a black eye, frowsy hair, and was wearing a too tight black dress with a rip in it. She had been playing a dance-hall floozy in a free-for-all fight scene. I groaned, “Oh, no!”

That afternoon, when she showed up on the set where I was working, I said, “Oh, yes!” She had fixed her hair and makeup and put on a sweater and a skirt. She was a dream! I took one look and fell in love. - Desi Arnaz

katharinespants’s immutable list of best ricardos’ scenes
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Lucille Ball and William Frawley circa early 1950s