No, you weren’t born in the wrong decade.

Despite all the good sides of the past, with which we are all very familiar, I’m confident to say anyone who’s not a heterossexual white male is much better off today. I was at sewing class today, and in my class there are only older ladies who were raised in the fifties and sixties. They don’t talk about anything but their husbands or housework or their manual labor or their bridge game with the girls. When I said I was in medical school, they said: it’s a great place to find a rich, smart man. Good choice. And then I said: That’s not why I’m there. I want to save lives. And then said: but where are you gonna find a husband? And I said: Well, I’m not very worried about that. And they looked at me like I just killed a baby. Trust me, girls. Everything you see on I Love Lucy was real: women were housewives, they thought this was their place and if they found a husband, they saw no reason to keep working or to make something out of themselves. (With exceptions, obviously.) Things weren’t so good for gays or blacks either. The past was fascinating, but it was no place to live.

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