Katharine Hepburn: You've been lucky enough to be given a life, haven't you? Well, do it justice.
Spencer Tracy: Live your live under your own terms. Who cares what other people think?
Bette Davis: Want a future? Go get it, bitch.
Lucille Ball: There's something wonderful waiting for you out there. Have a little patience.
Desi Arnaz: Don't judge a book by its cover. Even Cuban books can end up being TV legends.
Joan Crawford: What goes around comes around. And makes sure to bite you in the ass.
Fred Astaire: Being extraordinary not mean you can be arrogant.
Audrey Hepburn: Let love fuel you. Always.
James Stewart: Yes, darling. Keep your feet on the ground.
Lauren Bacall: You can survive anything. Be proud of that.
Humphrey Bogart: You'll always have a chance to redeem yourself.
Julie Andrews: There's never too much you in you.
Marilyn Monroe: Everything has a price.
Frank Sinatra: Ask before you assume. It may ruin your life.
Ava Gardner: Is it real? Good. Is it fake? Bullshit. Be yourself before you regret it.
Vivien Leigh: Despite anything, keep looking up.
Cary Grant: When people need you, be there. Someday, you might need them too.
Elizabeth Taylor: Live intensely.
What was it that you learned from Kim Kardashian?
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